I've Seen That Shape Before

This I've Seen That Shape Before lesson plan also includes:

The objectives in the resource allow students to explore the characteristics of simple solid shapes. Youngsters learn to recognize the face shapes, corners, and edges that make up 3-D figures by filling in a chart. Lastly, learners look for solid shapes in the real world and discuss whether they are man-made or natural, in an outside and Internet activity.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the provided websites to help serve as lesson extensions
Classroom Considerations
  • A set of physical models of plane shapes and solid shapes are necessary for each learning group
  • Students should create a chart in their math notebooks and fill it in using the name, shape, and face cards provided
  • Request time in the computer lab for the Internet activity
  • Lesson is clearly outlined with materials, pre-activities, activities, reflections, and extensions
  • Guiding questions help promote conversation amongst learners
  • There are four reproducible handouts included
  • A reproducible chart is not included, but intended for students to create on their own