Is This A New Species?!

Which makes a better name for a new species: Hermit Crab Caterpillar or Sir Leafs-a-Lot? Exploring a rainforest in Peru, the video helps viewers discover a unique species as part of a larger biology playlist. As scientists learn more about this caterpillar, it raises an important question: How is a species defined?

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Assign one concept for defining a species to each pupil or groups of pupils and have them present their findings to allow for comparison
Classroom Considerations
  • Relies on prior knowledge of mitochondria and DNA
  • Content lasts eight minutes, and the remaining portion of the video is an advertisement
  • Offers closed captioning for the hearing impaired
  • Highlights new vocabulary throughout
  • Links current research to taxonomy study
  • None