Lesson Plan

Invest in Yourself

What are the different ways that people can invest in their human capital for a better future? Pupils participate in an engaging hands-on activity and analyze data regarding unemployment, the ability to obtain an education, and median weekly income in order to explain how these might impact human capital and potential earnings.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Supplement with other resources that convey average income distributions across the country for a more comprehensive look at the data
Classroom Considerations
  • For greater efficiency in your class analysis of data, it will be beneficial for pupils to begin with background knowledge of the difference between mean and median
  • This is the first of nine lessons designed for building personal finance knowledge amongst young adults
  • Fascinating data analysis activity, answering such questions as what type of relationship exists between education and median income
  • Well-organized and designed instruction
  • Incorporates best-teaching practices
  • Designed for specific Common Core State Standards
  • None