Introduction to Ludwig van Beethoven

This Introduction to Ludwig van Beethoven lesson plan also includes:

"Ode to la Tortilla" and "Ode to Joy"? Sure! Use Gary Soto's poem to introduce learners to the ode format. After examining the descriptive words Soto uses, class members study a poster of Ludwig van Beethoven, suggest words that describe this mystery man, and craft their own odes of praise for the composer, all while listening to "Ode to Joy." Individuals share their odes, learn about Beethoven, and then practice and play "Ode to Joy" on their recorders.

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • A cross-curricular activity that integrates ELA and music
  • The plan is richly detailed
  • Requires the purchase or rental of the Beethoven Lives Upstairs DVD and a recording of "Ode to Joy"
  • Participants must have previously learned recorder fingerings and technique