Introduction to Ernest Hemingway

What is a white elephant, and what does it have to do with Ernest Hemingway? Study "Hills Like White Elephants" in-depth by following the procedures outlined in this lesson, the fifth in a series of fourteen. Learners start the day with a brief quiz, learn about Hemingway, conduct a dramatic reading of the short story, and pay special attention to the meaning of white elephant and the settings of the story.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Classroom Considerations

  • In the previous lesson in this series, pupils read the story and responded to some questions for homework; if you use the lesson on its own, you will likely still need them to read the story before beginning, especially since the lesson begins with a quiz
  • The presentation introducing Ernest Hemingway is not included, so you may wish to find one in the Lesson Planet collection or create your own

  • Comes with a script for the dramatic reading, the quiz, a definition of white elephant, and a link to a video clip including information about Hemingway

  • Some materials are not included; see the Teacher Tips for more information and suggestions