Lesson Plan

Introducing 'The New Jim Crow'

When Jim Crow Laws ended, the intent behind them did not. Academics read "The New Jim Crow Laws" and an interview from the author to understand how racism has not ended, but rather changed over time. The lesson explains how prejudices in the criminal justice system and mass incarcerations have targeted ethnic minorities.  Scholars also participate in group discussion and take notes to reinforce learning. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have learners find current events to compare to The New Jim Crow Laws
  • Arrange for an official or a local activist to speak about mass incarceration 
Classroom Considerations
  • Second installment of a 10-part series
  • Requires a copy of The New Jim Crow Laws to complete the lesson 
  • The lesson uses primary sources to enhance learning 
  • Resource includes discussion questions to help guide pupils
  • None