Insect Cribs

Which sounds like the worst way to die: being paralyzed until you are eaten or being imprisoned until you are licked to death? Both of these scenarios happen in nature, and a frightening Brain Scoop video explains the details as part of its playlist on Insects.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Share photographs of other interesting insect homes
  • Discuss the evolutionary need for some species to work in a community
Classroom Considerations

  • Best fits when studying habitats, insects, or social behavior

  • Includes closed captioning, which makes it easier for students to take notes
  • Highlights new vocabulary throughout

  • According to Brain Scoop, "a few of the ants pictured in the video between 2:23 - 2:49 were misidentified; not all of them are carpenter ants, and the wasps labeled as Vespula maculifrons are actually paper wasps (subfamily Polistinae)"