In Your Face: Reclaiming Billboards

Ads here, ads there, ads everywhere—but what do they communicate? Pupils discuss this topic and develop a list of personal values. They then work as creative directors at an advertising firm to create billboards that reflect community values. The eye-catching instructional activity helps enhance reading comprehension by practicing visual literacy. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have individuals compose a poem about their values to accompany their billboards
Classroom Considerations
  • Find video excerpts related to advertising and marketing and/or photos of local billboards 
  • Have statistics on hand about billboards (their influence, cost, visibility, laws, and other topics)
  • Requires a white board and markers, paper and writing utensils, and art and collage materials
  • Includes alternative options for a couple activities
  • Provides lesson extensions
  • Some parts of the procedure are a little confusing