Imaginary Numbers Are Real (Part 8: Math Wizardry)

How does the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra apply to equations with complex roots? Using recently learned concepts about the complex plane, learners determine all the complex roots of polynomials. They can find the same roots as extensive factoring of polynomials using the polar form of complex numbers. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign for homework the night before your lesson for a flipped classroom activity
  • Encourage your class to create explanatory posters with the information and processes featured in the video
Classroom Considerations

  • Review of the unit circle may be required
  • A review of factoring polynomials to find roots would be helpful, especially to be able to factor the equations presented in the video
  • The eighth video of a nine-video series

  • Short video is a versatile review tool for your lesson on imaginary numbers
  • Makes a complex concept more understandable for learners of all levels

  • It may be assumed that roots of only simple polynomials can be found this way
  • Factoring of the second example and its roots have to be taken on faith since the problem is not taken to completion
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