Ian’s Walk and Apples for Cheyenne

Help young learners understand friendship and empathy with two reading comprehension lessons. Each instructional activity focuses on a story about a child with autism, and encourages readers to compare and contrast the characters to each other and to themselves.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Read the stories aloud to youngsters twice; have them listen all the way through the first time, and pause for discussion the second time
  • Lead a discussion about autism to see what your kids already understand, and to provide prior knowledge
  • Assign some of the activities as homework for kids to work with parents
Classroom Considerations
  • The stories are about autism, so you'll need to provide enough information for kids to understand the sensitive nature of what they are reading
  • Provides bonus activities for enrichment and extension
  • Offers reading comprehension questions, vocabulary words, and additional activities to synthesize information
  • Copies of both stories are necessary in order to complete the lesson
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