How to Use Oil Immersion Microscope

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Teach the class how to use a microscope to identify bacteria in food. Scholars explore the different parts of the microscope and learn how to determine total magnification. They walk step-by-step through the procedure of preparing slides and viewing them under different magnifications, including an oil-immersion lens. At the end of the lab, they must also walk through the clean up process.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Practice using the different parts of a microscope before having pupils use microscopes in class
  • Use as a flipped classroom activity to introduce the parts of a microscope
Classroom Considerations
  • Suggests the lab follows Bacteria Sampling and Gram Staining virtual labs, as it references the Gram Staining lab throughout
  • Provides opportunity to experience a lab when resources may not be available otherwise
  • Includes a thinking question to interpret the results
  • None
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