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How to Teach Cooking to Kids

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Youngsters are more likely to eat something if they've worked hard to make it! Plan a cooking class with an e-booklet from Julie Negrin, author of Easy Meals to Cook With Kids. It includes what you should consider about your school site before starting a cooking class, Julie Negrin's food philosophy, and a sample lesson plan with a recipe for Greek meze.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Share the booklet with administrators when planning the logistics of a cooking class at your school
  • Use the information from the booklet when communicating with class members or parents about an upcoming cooking class
  • Incorporate the nutritional philosophy and instructions into an existing cooking class, or a stand-alone cooking lesson
Classroom Considerations
  • This version of the booklet is the free sample version, and includes the first two sections of the full booklet
  • Comes with a list of additional books and materials for cooking teachers
  • Provides the publisher's website for more information
  • None