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How the Body Works: The Digestive System

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Break down the digestive system for your class. This webpage features a video, but also includes an article to read, an interactive assessment, and printables! Through the publisher's website, there are even individual videos about the teeth and tongue, plus a related experiment to try! Participants will take in and swallow the main structures of the digestive system as well how it processes food. The informative video deals, not only with the mouth and stomach, but also with the liver and rectum. Do be warned that the words anus and poop are part of the dialogue, which may draw laughter from less-mature viewers.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
  • Clicking on Listen allows reader to hear the article read out loud
  • From the article, link to additional resources about the digestive system (interactives, videos, quizzes, and articles)
  • Humor and illustrations geared toward preteens 
  • Publisher's website provides related activities and experiments pertaining to the digestive system
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