How the Body Works: Bones

Coming soon: A full-length video about bones. Don't disregard this in the meantime, however. It's a valuable introduction that you could insert into your lesson about the skeletal system. With a silly Texas accent, the narrator covers how many bones we have, what the role of the skeletal system is, the largest and smallest bones, different types of bones, and even names the more significant bones. What makes this resource most useful is that it comes complete with links to a related article, a multiple-choice quiz, and printable activities including a cut-and-paste skeleton. Make no bones about it, this resource will add structure to your human body systems unit!

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  • Includes a printable cut-and-paste skeleton, quiz, and reading selection
  • Introduces the skeletal system in a kid-friendly manner
  • For English language learners, the article has the option to listen to a narrator
  • From the article, access materials focused on bone injuries and health

  • Not yet the full-length edition of the video
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