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How Does a Windmill Work?

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Can my windmill pick up a weight? Given the same set of materials, groups design and build the most efficient windmill. On the first day, groups concentrate on getting a windmill to spin, while on the second day, they modify their windmills in order to pick up a weight. The extension has the groups calculate the energy and the power of their windmills. This is instructional activity eight of a 19-part series.

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Instructional Ideas
  • For the second day, provide different materials in which to make the blades as an option for changing the design
  • Have the groups compete in a race in lifting the weight as a way to compare efficiencies
Classroom Considerations
  • This ist he eighth lesson in a 19-part series
  • Small fans are needed for each group
  • The closing of the first day needs pictures of windmills and wind turbines
  • Vocabulary list provides definitions of terms encountered in the lesson
  • The wrap-up section provides questions for the teacher to ask the class
  • Safety information references a metal rod when there is no metal rod used