How Do Dilations Map Lines, Rays, and Circles?

Applying a learned technique to a new type of problem is an important skill in mathematics. The lesson asks scholars to apply their understanding to analyze dilations of different figures. They make conjectures and conclusions to facilitate the process. 

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Incorporate a graphic organizer to record different examples
  • Allow learners to apply what they know about segment dilations to create the dilations in this lesson, then discuss conclusions as a group
Classroom Considerations
  • Pupils without a strong understanding of a dilation of a segment will have difficulties with this lesson; a review may be necessary
  • Tthe eighth module in a set of 36
  • Although the resource outlines a format for the lesson, it also provides variations to better match varied skill levels
  • Includes an opening exercise, exit ticket, and practice problems
  • None