Unit Plan

Home Sweet Home: English Language Development Lessons (Theme 5)

This Home Sweet Home: English Language Development Lessons (Theme 5) unit plan also includes:

Through grand discussion, picture cards, and poems, enhance language proficiency with a Home Sweet Home themed unit created to support English language development. Each lesson follows a listen, speak, move, and/or look routine that covers topics such as going places, packing, moving, measurement, the city, the country, what's inside a house, street addresses, helpful signs, and learning to do something. Concepts addressed throughout the lessons include digraphs, responding to reading, blending long vowels, reading high frequency words, soft sounds, final sounds, sentence types, fantasy, realism, contractions, and using or me.


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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Instead of writing poems on chart paper, print and display them with a document camera, or mirror a digital copy from your mobile learning device
  • Invite learners to search and discuss other places around the world where they could imagine themselves living
  • In case pupils do not know their contact information, make it their homework to memorize their address and phone number


Classroom Considerations
  • Some materials referenced are not included; but with modifications, the ESL lessons remain applicable for your classroom
  • The unit was designed as part of the Houghton Mifflin English language arts curriculum; it can also be taught on its own or with another curriculum 
  • Additional support tips, as well as multi-level response suggestions, are provided 
  • Teacher directions are written clearly and in detail 
  • None