Hit and Run

This Hit and Run activity & project also includes:

After partnering up each person, give the pair a ball. One person gets the ball first, while the other person runs around. The person with the ball tries to chase down their partner and hit them with the ball. Then, the roles reverse. Each runner gets a five second head start before they can be hit with the ball.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Let students choose their own partners
  • Choose appropriate spots for learners to throw the ball (avoiding the head, face, and chest)
Classroom Considerations

  • Requires one foam ball or Gator Skin® ball per group
  • Ensure class members do not bump into one another while running around the playing area
  • Best used with a small group of kids

  • Allows for continuous running
  • Serves as a great warm-up activity for dodgeball

  • Could cause injury with pupils running into one another while trying to avoid being hit by their partner's ball