Lesson Plan

Historical Analysis: Objects Tell Stories

This Historical Analysis: Objects Tell Stories lesson plan also includes:

Dig this! Young archeologists discover what objects teach us about the past. The activity uses an image of a Revolutionary War artifact to help historians practice analyzing the past. Scholars study the object and complete a worksheet to demonstrate their understanding. An extensions activity is included if time allows. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Provide images of other Revolutionary War artifacts for pupils to analyze
  • Guide a group discussion on how learners' opinions of the artifact changed after learning more about the object 
Classroom Considerations
  • Activity is part of a larger series, Through Their Eyes: Major Causes and Events of the American Revolution Teacher Resource Guide  
  • Activity is short and can easily be paired with a lesson on the American Revolution 
  • The resource works great to complete in pairs, individually, or groups as needed
  • None