Healthy Snacking: Grades 6-8

Two activities focus on healthy snacking. In the first activity, scholars create a poster displaying two messages—pack a healthy snack and make good food choices. The second activity challenges pupils to draft a snack list and tag along with a grown-up to assist in the shopping.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Invite the school or districts' food service manager to explain the process for planning school meals and snacks
  • Define the term "healthy" with a focus on balance while looking at food groups
  • Direct class members to design their posters to highlight the positives of making smart eating choices versus negative outcomes
Classroom Considerations
  • Be conscious of the tone and language used during the lesson as this age is highly susceptible to negative eating behaviors; instead, focus on balance
  • Food security varies within households, a snack from school may be a learners' only choice
  • Both activities come with at least one extension idea
  • Encourages tweens and teens to listen to their hunger queues 
  • Comes with a worksheet, quiz, and an answer key
  • Comes off with a negative tone