Hazards: Second Grade Lesson Plans and Activities

This Hazards: Second Grade Lesson Plans and Activities unit also includes:

Equip learners with safety knowledge in the case of an earthquake. After coloring the places to go to get help after a quake, and label places that wouldn't be safe to go after a quake, young geologists simulate three levels of earthquakes on a shaker board. Additionally, they discuss how the mayor of a town should handle a quake. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Add the following words to your word wall: hazard, tremor, evacuation, safety, disaster, moderate, strong, weak, and aftershock
Classroom Considerations

  • The post-lab is intended for people living in an earthquake prone area; however, having a solid safety plan and knowledge of what to do in case of a natural disaster is still very important for all children
  • Have learners refer to pages 9-11 in the student workbook for this portion
  • Create and build the shaker table prior to beginning the lab
  • Signatures of both parent and student are required

  • A workbook for the entire unit is included below
  • Provides detailed instructions for making a shaker table

  • Further teacher background information may be necessary to create a more robust experience for class members
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