Grade 9 ELA Module 4, Unit 1, Lesson 24

Who bears the most responsibility for ensuring that goods are ethically produced? Using evidence drawn from Sugar Changed the World: A Story of Magic, Spice, Slavery, Freedom, and Science, the unit's central text, and from the supplemental readings, individuals begin the process of crafting their own argumentative essay response to this prompt by developing a clearly stated central claim.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Arrange for class members to have computer access, either in the classroom or computer lab
  • To model clearly stated claims, project the central claims for each of the unit's reading and have class members analyze how the writers crafted their statements
  • Expand the lesson to two days, one for the claim and the second for writers to draft their introductory paragraph
Classroom Considerations
  • The first in a series of five lessons designed to support class members as they craft their own evidence-based argument essay
  • 24th in a 29-lesson unit
  • Designed to directly address Common Core writing standards W.9-10.1.a, W.9-10.4, W.9-10.5, W.9-10.9
  • The unit uses Marc Aronson and Marina Budhos' Sugar Changed the World: A Story of Magic, Spice, Slavery, Freedom, and Science as a central text
  • The resource includes a model argument outline tool for those who need extra support
  • None