Go H2O! Investigating Residential Water Systems

This Go H2O! Investigating Residential Water Systems lesson plan also includes:

Before your learners excuse themselves to get a drink at the water fountain, prompt them to think about where that water comes from. A middle school science lesson encourages groups to research their community's source of drinking water, including how it enters a house from various sources, and when water requires treatment before consumer use.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use in a school-wide focus on water conservation and pollution, such as Earth Day
  • Have your class map out various sources of water in their town, coupled with a field trip to your community's water district
Classroom Considerations
  • Lesson plan is a little dense, but it contains valuable instruction tips and steps
  • Comes with engaging research questions and discussion points on the learner handout section
  • Versatile for use in both middle school and high school
  • A great addition to your unit on water supply and city planning
  • Addresses multiple intelligences with various instructional strategies
  • None