George Washington’s Socks: Short-Answer Questions Chapters 1-9

This George Washington’s Socks: Short-Answer Questions Chapters 1-9 worksheet also includes:

Build a literature unit around the book George Washington's Socks with this series of short answer questions. Broken up in two- and three-chapter increments, these reading comprehension questions allow young readers to demonstrate their understanding of this historical fiction novel. Assign these questions as an in-class or homework assignment at the beginning of each section of the book, using them to guide discussions as the class moves through the story. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • Comprehension questions for the remaining chapters of the book are included as additional materials
  • Questions thoroughly cover the characters, events, and setting of the book
  • Resource is a Word document, which allows teachers to modify the questions as needed
  • Reading response questions only address the knowledge and comprehension levels of Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Requires class copies of the book George Washington's Socks by Elvira Woodruff