Geography and Early Peoples of the Western Hemisphere

This Geography and Early Peoples of the Western Hemisphere unit also includes:
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  • Vocabulary
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Young historians discover the early people of the western hemisphere. The unit explores how the land changed, how it was used and homes of early Americans such as Incas, Mayans, Inuits, Aztecs, and Pueblos. Individuals also examine these civilizations and the ways they survived and adapted to changes over time.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Designed for fifth grade learners but could be used in sixth and seventh grade classes as well
Classroom Considerations
  • Atlases, and computers with Internet access will be necessary for some activities
  • Some lessons require reading from trade book text sets (specified in lessons). Be sure to review these materials prior to teaching
  • Each lesson builds off the other in the social studies unit
  • Each lesson is clearly outlined with purposes, materials needed, differentiation strategies, worksheets/templates, and assessments
  • A substantial amount of teacher background knowledge is provided
  • None