Foodle - Nutrition Facts

USDA National Nutrient data is available at your fingertips! This application is a vast library of more than 8,000 nutritional labels for commonly eaten foods. Search and sort foods by a variety of categories.

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App Overview

How it Works:

  • Open Foodle to view categories and the total number of foods within each category
  • Tap on a category to drop down a list of foods
  • Tap on a food to see its nutrition facts label and Wikipedia information

Other Selections:

  • Names: Foods listed alphabetically by name
  • Search: Brings up a keyboard for you to type in a search term
  • Favorites: A place to store favorite foods 
  • Nutrients: Tap on a vitamin or mineral to reveal a list of foods containing that nutrient
  • Categories: A way to view selected category foods together


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Instructional Ideas

Use Foodle as a reference tool. Have it downloaded onto several tablets so that groups can access nutritional information as they analyze their daily diets.

Classroom Considerations

Note that the $2.99 cost may be a limiting factor. You may want to download the app onto classroom tablets rather than expect class members to download it onto their personal devices.

  • Easy to navigate
  • Uses data from the USA National Nutrient Database
  • Attractively colored computer graphics for each food
  • Cost is $2.99; however, your students may find it a worthwhile expense