Focus and Concentration: Crash Course Study Skills #5

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Daydreamers and multi-taskers beware: some of your preconceived notions about work and attention are about to be proven wrong. A video about the importance of focusing on one task at a time—and the cognitive disadvantages of becoming distracted—is one more step toward putting the phone down and concentrating on the job at hand.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have class members watch the video at home and come to class prepared to discuss what they learned
  • Compile a list of ways for learners to take a non-distracting break during work or study sessions
Classroom Considerations
  • Narration is quick and dense with information, but subject matter is very relevant to high schoolers; consider pausing to address important points
  • Video does not address the needs of those with Attention Deficit Disorders, who may not benefit from the simple tips in the video
  • If teenagers can focus on the video, they will learn many important and beneficial study habits
  • Half of the video addresses the problem (lack of focus) and the other half discusses ways to solve the problem
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