First-Grade Intervention

This First-Grade Intervention unit also includes:

Learning how to read is a big challenge for young learners, but this series of lessons provides them with the extra support they need to succeed. With each lesson following the a clearly outlined format, children are introduced to new phonemes, explore words that include the sound, identify rhyming words and word families, learn new vocabulary, and participate in shared readings as they progressively build their literacy skills.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Adapt these lessons to teach children about different phonemes throughout the year
  • Teach these lessons to small groups of students during learning center rotations, allowing you to better address the specific needs of individual students
Classroom Considerations
  • Though designed as intervention lessons for first graders with learning disabilities, this resource can be used to develop the reading skills of all young children
  • The timing of these lessons can be adjusted to fit your class schedule and meet the instructional needs of your students
  • Clear, explicit procedures are provided for the learning activities included in these lessons
  • Lessons include sentence frames, guiding questions, and teacher talk that support children with learning how to read
  • An overview of the sequence of activities used in each lesson is provided, allowing the teacher to design their own literacy lessons following a similar format
  • Supplemental teaching materials are not provided with the lessons, requiring teachers to use resources from their own school or district's language arts curriculum