All teacher workrooms contain a coffee maker, therefore all teachers must be addicted to coffee. That sentence represents a logical fallacy (although it may be true from some), a topic the seventh installment in the 24-part Writing the Paper series. The handout explains 15 of the most common fallacies that appear in argumentative writing, sharing examples of each and providing tips to help writers avoid them in their own papers.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Challenge scholars to write arguments that contain logical fallacies and have others explain why they are fallacies
  • Compare and contrast the two sample arguments linked within the handout and discuss how they differ in effectiveness
Classroom Considerations

  • Check all hyperlinks to ensure they open before sharing with others

  • Features a clear, easy-to-follow layout of definition, example, tip
  • Links to a sample argument to provide learners with an immediate opportunity to practice

  • A link within the practice activity goes back to the UNC Writing Center home page