Express Yourself Lesson Seed 3

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If you're looking to set your class up for writing effective arguments, try out this idea. While originally created with freedom as a guiding idea, the activity could easily be adapted for other themes. As a class, create a chart of argument characteristics. Next, small groups read one of the two linked articles about video games and complete the included article analysis chart with details from the text. Wrap up by referring back to the characteristics and giving pupils time to write about the article they read.

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CCSS: Designed
  • Comes with two useful example charts
  • Builds solid background knowledge on argumentative writing
  • Two articles about a high-interest topic are linked; use one or both to modify the lesson as you see fit
  • Although this is called a lesson seed, it will take a solid chunk of time for class members to read and analyze an article
  • The word draft is written across each page, so you can't directly copy the charts