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Episode 1.7: Birth of a Social Enterprise

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All's well that ends well! The final episode in a seven-part series shows the outcome of the Global Problem Solver's quest to fix Malawi's aging water wells. The team sees the impact of their efforts firsthand and receives recognition from a special guest.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Get the class energized about social enterprise by having them come up with their own business ideas
  • Pass out a graphic organizer and assign students the task of listing all of the positive impacts new well technology had on Malawi
Classroom Considerations
  • The final scene in the video hints at the next task, which is the start of the next series
  • The video's ending is touching and illustrates the deep traditions of Malawi
  • Pupils see a social enterprise form from beginning to end, making the concept relatable
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