Encoding Color Images

Color me green. The fourth instructional activity in a unit of 15 introduces the class to color images and how to encode color images using binary code and hexadecimal numbers — and they will quickly notice that it is easier to code the color for each pixel. After learning how to use the tools, each individual creates a personal favicon to use throughout the rest of these computer science lessons.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have pupils design their favicon on graph paper and then encode it using the Pixelation Widget
  • Use the optional hexadecimal numbers activity so the class better understands hexadecimals prior to trying to coding their favicon
Classroom Considerations

  • Get familiar with the pixelation tool in order to present it in an interactive way

  • The lesson plan contains links to tutorial videos on how to use the widget
  • The rubric comes with reflection questions about the project
  • Contains a content corner that makes the distinction between mixing paint and mixing RGB lights to make colors

  • None