El Imperfecto

You class can learn all about how to form the imperfect with -ar and -er/-ir verbs. The slides do cover the only verbs that are irregular in the tense and the situations for which you use the imperfect (plus examples). Go over the included expressions that are commonly used with the imperfect and close with the practice fill-in-the-blank and translation sentences. Since this presentation includes a significant amount of information, make sure your class takes notes while viewing.

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  • Each slide contains a manageable amount of information to process
  • Clearly explains the imperfect tense
  • Check out the materials tab for the worksheet that matches up with the exercises at the end of the presentation
  • Some, but not all, answers are provided
  • Might need to be split up over the course of a couple days and certain concepts might need to be revisited to reinforce the material