Eid Al-Adha | All About the Holidays

Discover the holiday Eid Al-Adha, also known as the Muslim Feast of Sacrifice. An informative video offers facts about the four-day celebration including the story behind it and how families celebrate the holiday currently. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have your own holiday feast in the classroom—invite families to bring in food 
  • As a class, discuss ways they can donate items or time for that less fortunate—choose one way and take action
  • Make the end question an exit ticket or assign it for homework—direct pupils to write their answers on paper or respond on a classroom blog 
Classroom Considerations

  • The celebration takes place on different dates each year, check your calendar for when the holiday will be celebrated this year 
  • A religious story is told in the video, confirm that all learners are allowed to watch such content prior to showing the class  

  • Although the holiday is religious, the final question takes a more general stand 
  • Engaging graphics keep viewers' focused 
  • Downloading, sharing, and assigning are made easy with clickable links 

  • None