Effects of the Civil War

This Effects of the Civil War lesson plan also includes:

Imagine being on the front line of the Civil War —from the front porch of your own house. Scholars use visual evidence from primary and secondary sources to analyze the impact of the Civil War on all Americans. They examine the research to uncover the many faces impacted by the conflict in the seventh installment of an eight-part series. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Split into groups of three to analyze the photos 
  • Create stations around the classroom and rotate groups to each station for research on the effects of the Civil War
Classroom Considerations

  • Store laminated copies of the Civil War photos in cabinet for future/continued use
  • Group sizes should be no more than three

  • Resource includes printable worksheets and materials for classroom use
  • Visuals learners benefit from the photos included in the research materials

  • None