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Effects of Environment on Enzymes

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Much like the tale of Humpty Dumpty, proteins, once altered, will never be the same again. Honors and pre-AP biology classes explore the delicate world of enzymes via a Webquest and lab experiment. The teacher's guide contains all printables, pacing, and required materials.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Though intended for honors-level classes, portions of the lesson could be adapted for Biology 1
Classroom Considerations
  • If your classroom lab does not have enough computers for groups, schedule time in a computer lab to facilitate web quest, virtual lab, and creation of presentations
  • The experiment requires a fairly full list of materials, some of which will need to be purchased; therefore, review the requirements early in order to plan
  • The lesson focuses on enzyme structure and function, illustrating their role in homeostasis within the human body
  • Learners will benefit from a variety of instructional methods
  • Resources can be adapted to different levels of knowledge and ability
  • None