Economic Systems of the Incas and Aztecs

This Economic Systems of the Incas and Aztecs activity & project also includes:

The Inca and Aztecs created vast economic empires in South America, but how did economics play a role? A simulation activity and reading help scholars evaluate the kinds of markets these great civilizations created. They then consider how economics allowed for the indigenous groups to create powerful societies. the plan includes a hands-on necklace-making activity that models the demand for, marketing of, and traditional ways of producing goods. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have learners create necklaces according to several market principles to evaluate which one the Inca and Aztecs used
Classroom Considerations
  • 11th in a 23-part Middle School World History series from the Council on Economic Education
  • Required materials include scissors, string, and macaroni
  • Hands-on simulation keeps participants engaged
  • Reading, PowerPoint and comprehension worksheet are ready to use
  • Lesson plan does not clearly indicate how to use all enclosed materials
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