Earth Shaking Events

The world's largest measured earthquake happened in 1960 in Chile, reaching a terrifying 9.5 magnitude on the Richter Scale. The second lesson in the 20-part series introduces earthquakes and fault lines. Scholars map where previous earthquakes have taken place and the locations of major fault lines. Then ,they take measurements and discuss how to determine the risk level of a couple of different locations.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • If you live outside of California, use data from your area if it has fault lines
  • This can be done as a full class guided activity rather than in groups if your students are ready to work that independently
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires prior knowledge of finding a point of longitude and latitude
  • Lesson follows a 5E format
  • Easily adaptable for lower or higher ability students
  • None