Dune remains one of the most popular science fiction tales ever written. Find out why with a short video that argues for including Frank Herbert's tale of sandworms and Fremen, Mentats and witches, villains and heroes in the Great American Read.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Show the related video "Heroes and Hope in Frank Herbert's Dune"
  • Ask class members to investigate prototype  environmental communities like Tom Duke's in New Mexico and Arcosanti in Arizona
  • Have class members craft a persuasive essay that identifies a novel they feel should be included in the Great American Read series and presents their arguments for why their choice should be included
Classroom Considerations
  • Although the voting for the Great American Read has closed, the video serves well to garner interest in the novel
  • Speakers discuss the novel as a tale of a hero's journey, a political saga, a religious allegory, and an environmental warning
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