Take off those chains binding you to the whiteboard and create custom presentations using an interactive program that makes even voice recording a breeze. Choose from a variety of backgrounds, writing tools, and timing options. Perfect for a flipped classroom setting, and connects easily to a computer for projection!

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App Overview

Getting Acquainted:

  • Browse sample projects to get an idea of what is possible with this tool
  • Once a project is opened, flip through slides using gray arrows on either side of the screen
  • Drag down the central tab at the top for more viewing options
  • The sliding bar allows for starting a presentation at different points (beginning, middle, end, etc.)
  • Large green arrow plays each slide
  • Drag the clock for faster or slower progression
  • Click the green arrows to proceed or go back slides
  • Create presentation stopping points using the red pin
  • Add slides using the green pin
  • Start recording audio as it plays using the red Rec button
  • Select My Recordings in the Rec tool and view the sample presentation My Doceri

Creating a Presentation:

  • Open a new project and choose resolution
  • Choose background 
  • Create slides using illustration tools along the top
  • Adjust marker size, opacity, spacing, and color by clicking twice
  • Bring up wrist guard on the bottom if needed
  • Adjust size of screen using two fingers
  • Undo and re-do strokes
  • Erase all strokes on a slide as needed
  • Upload custom images
  • Export to various locations, formats, and other apps
  • Add slides until presentation is finished
  • Add audio to presentation using audio feature
  • Include stops at points you may need to elaborate
  • Name presentations in the  Projects or Doceri Recordings folder
  • Share over e-mail, Facebook, or Youtube
  • Present in the format of your choice


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Instructional Ideas
  • Create informative presentations for learners to take home, using the flipped-classroom model to practice and discuss in the classroom
  • Use sharing function to allow parents to view presentations to keep them informed and increase parental involvement with homework
  • Kids can easily create these to accompany a research project, and the customization helps alleviate anxiety with presenting
Classroom Considerations

In order to create one continuous presentation (without needing to click to go to the next slide), you can simply complete all strokes on one slide. The ability to erase all strokes makes this a very viable option, depending on how self-sufficient you want the presentation to be. For kids presenting, consider having them export the presentation as a PDF for assessment, which they can e-mail to you using the export function. Depending on your preferencings, the settings menu allows for more customized stylus and presentation options.