Lesson Plan

Discover Your Great Full Self

Reflecting on character strengths can bring a little sunshine as the gray days of winter approach. Tweens and teens view a PowerPoint presentation, watch a short video about character strengths, and take a survey that helps them identify their top five attributes. After discussing with a partner how they might use these strengths, individuals create a poster that lists their picks.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • To prepare for the lesson, instructors should take the adult version of the VIA survey and be prepared to share their insights
  • Download, enlarge, and post the VIA Strengths Poster
  • Display individual's posters
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires computers with internet access for each class member, poster paper, and markers
  • Pupils must register on the website to take the survey and download their profile
  • The link to the VIA Strengths Poster does not work; however, the poster can be accessed on the internet
  • The first in a series of four lessons in a gratitude curriculum
  • A complete teaching guide is linked in the Included Materials section of this review
  • Supports SEL competencies by building self-awareness and identifying personal strengths
  • None