Density Column Lab - Part 1

Mass and density — aren't they the same thing? This activity has groups use balance beams and water displacement to measure several objects. The pupils use the measurements to calculate the density of the objects. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Once density has been defined, let the class determine the ways to find out the needed parameters in order to calculate the density
  • Research the density of the objects to verify the experimental outcomes; explain any error if they exist
Classroom Considerations
  • Use the activity as a hook into the Density & Miscibilility lesson
  • The activity is the eighth installment in a nine-part series
  • Includes an editable worksheet to fit the needs of your class
  • The activity comes with troubleshooting tips that are helpful hints for the class when conducting the activity
  • The eighth grade and high school standards do not quite match the activity since the graphed data is not a scatter plot