Democracy in Action: Freedom Riders

This Democracy in Action: Freedom Riders handout & reference also includes:

This is a must-have resource for every social studies teacher covering the civil rights movement. Through an engaging video and detailed viewing guide, young historians learn about the Freedom Riders, and discover how everyday individuals directly confronted an institution of prejudice and racism through non-violent direct action.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Consider using the Connections section as discussion points throughout the video, or have learners respond to the questions in writing following each portion of the film
  • This is a great resource to use during your study of Black History Month or African American history
Classroom Considerations
  • Two readings in the guide contain a derogatory word that was used in the historical period. The publishers have recognized this in the document and explained their reasoning behind keeping it in the resource
  • Video is dynamic, thoroughly engaging, and entirely available online for free
  • Viewing guide includes pre-viewing, viewing, and post-viewing sections, organized according to specific time frames in the video
  • Each section incorporates primary and secondary source analysis, photographs, readings, and main ideas
  • None