Deficits and Debts

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Should the escalating national debt be keeping you up at night with worry? Not necessarily, as explained by an entertaining video by Crash Course economics. Learn about the ways that a high GDP can contribute to the health of an economy more than a national debt can be detrimental.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Bring in articles about the United States national debt for learners to analyze and compare
  • Encourage pupils to design their own countries, as modeled in the first few minutes of the video, and have them track their country's economic progress or struggles in a role-play activity
Classroom Considerations

  • Consider pausing the video at key moments, such as the graphs, and discussing the data further
  • The video was made in 2015, so the numbers reflect that year; the concepts are still applicable to any economic video

  • Clarifies the difference between deficits and debts
  • Helpful animations and graphics reinforce complex concepts

  • None