Deep-Sea Ecosystems – Entering the Twilight Zone

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Imagine an ecosystem without any light or oxygen, where living things convert carbon dioxide into food. This ecosystem is thriving and might just be the largest ecosystem on our planet, yet we know very little about it. The lesson encourages groups to research various levels in the underwater ecosystem and combine knowledge to present a very different type of food web. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Hang up a poster with the ocean habitat zones for easy of reference
  • Research other areas that also have cold seep communities, such as New Zealand
Classroom Considerations
  • Groups need access to the Internet to complete their research; therefore, a minimum of one Internet-connected computer is required for every four class members
  • Lesson is the second in a series of 16
  • Provides a large list of related lessons, links, and extensions
  • Includes 11 zones of ocean habitats
  • None