Lesson Plan

Dealing with Peer Influence: What Are Bullying and Harassment?

This Dealing with Peer Influence: What Are Bullying and Harassment? lesson plan also includes:

Scholars examine examples of peer pressure and discuss how specific actions negatively affect one's well-being. Learners gather in small groups to write two scenarios in which peer pressure is used. They reference the STAR method in how to problem solve then record ideas on how to resolve the situation. Groups present their final product to their peers.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Direct class members to keep their handouts safely in their notebooks for easy reference and access during the next lesson
  • Close the lesson with a book, news article, or show that displays how individuals decline peer pressure and the positive effects of doing so
  • Inform parents and guardians of the methods discussed in class so they can reinforce the behavior at home
Classroom Considerations
  • This is the first lesson in a series of two that focus on peer pressure
  • Although a counselor is mentioned, a classroom teacher can also conduct the material
  • Requires copies 
  • Boosts social-emotional aspects—positive social skills, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making 
  • Encourages learners to think for themselves 
  • None
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