Lesson Plan

Dark Water: Lesson Plan 1 - Grades 3-4

This Dark Water: Lesson Plan 1 - Grades 3-4 lesson plan also includes:

As part of their study of the history of the Channel Islands, class members craft an informational article to post on a bulletin board that features the Chumash ancestral tradition of tomol paddling.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Have groups build a model of a tomol and test its seaworthiness in a tank or the school pool
Classroom Considerations
  • Class members should have previous knowledge of how to craft an informational article
  • The second in a series of four resources based on West of the West documentary Dark Water that launches the unit
  • The 13-page packet includes the article assignment, research questions, images, and an article from the National Park Service about the history of the Chumash tomol-crossing tradition
  • A photo image of the rubric is included; however, it would need be to reformatted before readable by writers