Lesson Plan

Curious George: Water Drops

A short video features Curious George playing with pots filled with colored water. Scholars then take to colored water with eye droppers and observation skills. They examine what happens to water drops when dropped from different heights, rolled, blown, or mixed with another color.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Stay COVID safe—instead of blowing through a straw, use small fans
  • Conduct the lesson outside to keep the mess out of your classroom
  • Invite pupils to bring in an old, oversized shirt or apron to wear during the activity to keep food coloring from getting on their clothes
Classroom Considerations
  • Set aside time to gather materials, prep the video, set up stations, clean up
  • The STEM lesson challenges pupils to use a variety of skills, including observation and fine-motor
  • Curious George acts as an engaging hook for the lesson
  • None