Curious George: Five Senses

Curious scholars make like Curious George and use their five senses to identify mystery objects. After a brief discussion, learners watch an engaging Curious George video in preparation for an activity. Scholars visit three tables that offer various items to smell, taste, touch, listen to, or examine. Scholars move through the tables and complete a worksheet. Peers share their findings aloud.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Include the STEM lesson in a unit on the five senses
  • Conduct the lesson in small group rotations over several days to allow you to watch over one table at a time
  • Celebrate the end of the study with a small to-go bag of popcorn
Classroom Considerations
  • Preparation includes making copies
  • Review the list of materials to confirm what you have and need
  • Read the Important Safety Tips before starting the lesson
  • Recommends adult helpers at each table
  • Includes a Home-School Connection portion as well as extension ideas such as games and books
  • None