Crisis in Berlin: Decisions Game!

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The Cold War did not begin with a bang, but with a swift tactic that reflected the Soviet Union's growing distrust of its former Allies. High schoolers choose either the USA or the USSR in a role play activity as they analyze why each union made the moves it did during the Berlin Blockade.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Incorporate other world powers (Britain, France, etc.) to participate in the discussions
  • Pair learners up and allow each to choose to represent either the USA or USSR; have them reflect on the one-on-one discussions that ensue
Classroom Considerations
  • Establish a protocol in the classroom that avoids stereotypes and discriminatory comments during role play
  • Requires some amount of prior knowledge on World War II, the Cold War, and Joseph Stalin before beginning the activity
  • Interactive and engaging for learners of all levels
  • Incorporates the concepts of multiple perspectives into an historical approach
  • None
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